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Lyons Main Street Program

Partner, Preserve, Progress


History & Heritage

Lyons Main Street Program began in 2008 with the support and hard work of many individuals in Lyons to become 1 of 3 communities in the Western Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor to be awarded  a National Trust Main Street Designation. Lyons Main Street Program is an independent entity completely funded by donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to invest in Lyons NY.



It is the mission of the Lyons Main Street Program to utilize and revitalize historic downtown Lyons, its canal front, traditional neighborhood business districts, and quaint residential area to maintain a sense of pride and community.


Invest in Lyons as we partner with our community to preserve our downtown, history, and heritage, as we progress into next level Lyons. 


COMING SOON - Stay tuned for a list of committees within the Lyons Main Street Program!
Volunteer with the Lyons Main Street Program
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